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We are taking permission to access Google drive files and spreadsheets in order to read the desired spreadsheets available in Google drive and we are not storing any personal information from Google in database.

We are having Google sheet generated programmatically for Pending Fulfillment Products in our Google drive and we have multiple users who want to access this sheet and we don't want to give access to the sheet directly as there are multiple users and sheet is also generated multiple times. So what we came up with is that we have created a functionality in PHP to read that sheet and display it on the screen and give that link to all users. They just need to enter the name of the sheet which we will give to them and they will be able to see it. And we want Google drive and Google spreadsheets scope to be approved for the same as we are reading the sheet from Google drive and we want the access token to be refreshed everytime which is not the case currently with the unapproved app.

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